Mindfulness - A Strategy for Living

Learn how to cope more effectively with Stress, Anxiety, Depression and a whole range of other problems by developing the core skills of Mindfulness.

Only Now Is Real!

Did you know that both the Past and the Future are merely mental constructions in our minds?

Only the present moment that we experience is actually “real”.

mindfulness therapist paul lee mount teide

Paul Lee D.hyp.,Pro.Dip.CBT,MIAEBP Acced.

Paul Lee is an experienced Psychotherapist with more than 27 years experience.

Learn how to manage your thinking using the Thrive Programme with him.

mindfulness therapists Paul and Joan Lee out rambling

Mindfulness in the Countryside

Paul and Joan make a point of spending every weekend where possible out rambling in the UK countryside.

“It’s a great way to become mindful very quickly – 20 minutes into a walk we have forgotten all of the previous weeks problems.”

mindfulness therapist joan lee Mount Teide crater

Joan Lee D. Hyp. BWRT. MIAEBP

Joan is a Hypnotherapist and Brain Working Recursive Therapist (BWRT).

She has been helping people solve emotional problems in the Midlands since 2010.

Most people don’t realise that both Anxiety & Depression are the result of thinking about the Future or the Past respectively.

Paul Lee

Managing Director, Tranceform Limited

Our belief systems shape our experience of life. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future provide us with very little that is genuinely useful!

Joan Lee

Director, Tranceform Limited

Mindfulness Strategies in the West Midlands

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